Performance through development

Driver Trainings

Training for professionals and aficionados

ColmisPlus offers comprehensive vehicle dynamics driving training that focuses on increasing participants’ overall driving skills and understanding, enabling them to master a solid level of vehicle control. Participants will drastically improve their driving techniques and coordination.

Furthermore, for professionals a key objective is to learn how to get the most out of employing driving dynamics in a practical way. Apart from participants acquiring advanced levels of vehicle control, the goal is that they later on can apply the learnings to their professional requirements and daily work.


Experienced Instructors

The training is carried out by a team of highly qualified instructors with between 20 and 30 years of experience both in vehicle development and advanced driving. The instructors are specialists in advanced driving courses both in cold climate as well as summer conditions.

Content of the courses

The courses includes theoretical sessions, but are centred on driving exercises that have the aim of consolidating participants’ subjective understanding and overall control of the vehicle. All participants who complete the training successfully receive a Cold Climate Driving Licence.

Customized training

ColmisPlus can customize your training for the best individual result. Please contact us for more detailed information!

The Winter Experience by Colmis 

Check out The Winter Experience by Colmis for the most amazing driving Exprience on ice and snow in Swedish Lapland!

Driver Education in Vehicle Dynamics

ColmisPlus organizes courses on Vehicle Dynamics technology. The students learn how to go from theory to practice and to understand the key aspects of a good balanced car, both in winter and summer conditions. They hereby acquire essential knowledge in chassis components and the systems’ impact on the vehicle dynamics behavior.