Performance through development

Performance Shows

Cars on 2 wheels, 360 degree turns –  a visual feast of true motor passion!

The Colmis Performance Team is a world-leading provider of automotive performance shows that takes each car model’s possibilities right up to the very limit. Led by 6-times Swedish rally champion, Kenneth Bäcklund, it was founded in 2012 and continues the legacy of the famous Saab Performance Team (1985-2011), which all of the current drivers were members of.

The team has displayed its unique skills during several decades and around the entire globe, with shows across the American, European and Asian continents. Most recently, it has performed close to 100 shows in keys cities in China for the Chinese auto manufacturer BAIC over the last 3 years (2012-2015).

A great tool to boost car sales

The performance shows are seized as a fantastic marketing tool by automotive businesses, as the vehicles displayed are NOT specially tuned for the shows but are the same version the end customer can purchase and drive him/herself. Therefore the performances are not considered a simple sequence of “stunts”, but an authentic demostration of what the customer is actually buying. Whether for specific vehicle launches, corporate incentives or media events, the Colmis Performance Team puts on a unique show that impresses all targets alike (customers, VIPs, journalists, etc.).

A success guarantee for PR and marketing events

The Colmis Performance Team is not limited to the automotive business. Whatever kind of event, the team can put a special touch of adrenaline making it an unforgettable experience for all guests.

Professionalism and safety for the filming industry

The team is also available for hire by the filming and entertainment industry. As an example, the Colmis Performance Team was in charge of all the car driving effects of a BAIC commercial featuring Nicolas Cage (please see video in gallery below).

Videos of Colmis Performance Team (Youtube)


Videos of Colmis Performance Team (Youku)