Performance through development

The Winter Experience

The Winter Experience by Colmis is an exhilarating adventure that challenges participants to the thrill of driving on pure ice & snow in combination with several other outdoor adrenaline-inducing and fun activities. The whole trip takes place in Arjeplog, a winter hub for the automotive industry, giving guests the chance to travel right within the Arctic Circle and through the heart of northern Sweden’s fascinating nature.

The Experience includes the appeal of several matchless features: not only are guests instructed by a world renowned performance and engineering team – The Colmis Performance Team, but they also gain the privilege of exclusive access to Colmis, a world leading proving ground where key players of the international automotive industry test their latest models and prototypes every year, which explains why signing a confidentiality agreement is required upon entry.

Furthermore, participants also enjoy the exceptional opportunity to see from the front row some of the performance team’s breathtaking control and maneuvers, such as driving on 2 wheels and 360 degree spins on ice.

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