Performance through development

Project Management

With skilled Project Leaders we offer professional leadership to maximize the efficiency of your project planning and management so that you achieve your specific targets within the right timeframe and budget.

Requirement and target settings on components, subsystems & total vehicle.

Chassis architecture development from concept to start of production.

Many years of experience with vehicle development process and procedures.

AWD & Driveline

ColmisPlus can provide support to improve the dynamic control during acceleration and deceleration, enhance safety during lane changes and sharpen under-steer control.



Control Systems

With the active safety control system we enhance the safety and maneuverability of the vehicle. With an optimized tuning of the systems we can stabilize the vehicle in extreme driving conditions and maintain the lateral stability, also improving the accessibility by tuning the traction control system.

  • Electronic Stability Control system
  • Traction Control system
  • ABS (Anti-lock Brakes)

Control Systems

Driving Dynamics

We become your partner and work together on finding the best solutions to optimize your product and brand for all vehicle types.

Subjective & Objective evaluation and analysis of the driving dynamics

We useVbox 3i Dual antenna system with Inertia Measurement Unit from Racelogic for Handling & Dynamics Pitch, Roll, Yaw rate, slip (under- and oversteer), Brake Testing, Tire Testing etc.

Driving Dynamic-1
Driving Dynamic-2




Driving Dynamic-3

Suspension development. Optimization of ride and handling properties by tuning the suspension, dampers (active and passive shock absorbers), springs, stabilizers and kinematics.


Steering and Brakes Systems


With a well optimized steering system you can enhance the vehicle control, increase the fuel efficiency and improve the steering feel, feedback and precision.

ColmisPlus works with all kinds of steering system development:

  • EPS (Electric Powered Steering)
  • HPS (Hydraulic Powered Steering)
  • EHPS (Electric Hydraulic Powered Steering)
  • VES (Variable Effort Steering)



The active control system uses the brake system as a foundation, making it of vital importance for the best performance.

ColmisPlus can optimize the system for the very best compromises between…

Summer & Winter Tests

ColmisPlus uses test tracks and proving grounds from all over the world for the best vehicle development conditions and adapting to customers’ requests.

The main facility we use is, of course, our own: Colmis Proving Ground for low-µ development, a world-leading cold climate proving ground that is located in Arjeplog (Sweden).

Frequent locations we also use are Råda Airfield and Kinnekulle Ring in Lidköping for High-µ development and driving events. Other nearby test tracks are AstaZero and Hällered Proving Ground, close to Gothenburg.


proving grounds

Tyre Development

Tyres designed and developed specifically for OEMs optimize the vehicle dynamic behavior.

Wheel smokeThe Development Satus


Brake performance, fuel economy, safety, handling, comfort, steering, durability and tread wear are the elements that help your vehicle handle according to the product profile for each and every vehicle.

Colmis loggo
In cooperation with Colmis Proving Ground in Arjeplog (Sweden), we offer facilities and development engineers for cold climate tyre development.